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Weeks later, I came home to find Ruby perched on a cabinet, waiting for me. I looked her up and down appreciatively. “How’d your interview go?”

“It went well, Master. I think I got the job!”

“Good girl. Now why don’t you come over here to take some dictation…”

Things were changing quickly. Ruby had moved beyond the love of games I’d programmed into her, and started researching how to program them herself. While I was out, she’d been spending time on indie game dev forums, talking, making connections, learning. She’d impressed the head of a small studio nearby–a man who had never seen her, meaning for the first time in her life she’d impressed someone with her brain alone–and he’d offered her to come in and interview for a position.

I had no doubt she’d gotten the job. Ruby used to be very, very good at getting men to do what she wanted, until I taught her how much more she enjoyed doing what I wanted. And with her new, genuine skills on top of that? No question it was hers.

When I’d started all this, I’d imagined hours upon hours of watching old science fiction TV shows while Ruby sat in my lap, her tits in my hands while she watched with rapt attention and listened and talked to me about what we were seeing. I had that now. But I’d accidentally unlocked something more. Inside that sweet, curvy body was a woman, creative, intelligent, maybe even brilliant.

And best of all, she was all mine…

(To be continued…)