(Continued from this post)

“Well, what do you think, Master?” Ruby asked me.

“I think I need to thank your coworkers.”

Ruby’s coworkers had gotten her into anime, it seemed, and she was determined to drag me to a convention. I could have said no, of course–could have ordered her to never watch anime again, for that matter–but she promised I would like her cosplay. She managed to keep it secret until we reached the hotel, but once I finally saw it, I had to agree it was precisely to my liking.

My work, I realized, was done. Ruby had new interests, new job, friends I could have a conversation with. The vapid beauty I’d enslaved was gone; in her place was a geek goddess, one whose interests overlapped but didn’t exactly match mine. Someone who would sit in my lap while we introduced one another to our favorite shows.

Everything, in short, I ever wanted.

(To be continued)