Her eyes flickered open and she grinned, “I’m going to win.”

I shrugged, “You’re going to win the staring contest? But you just lost, you closed your eyes and fell asleep. That’s losing.”

“Liar, we just started. Now get serious, I’m going to win,” she said again fixing her eyes on mine. My eyes drifted down to her now naked body. She’d undressed after I had told her to, suggesting it to her sleeping mind after I’d used our staring contest to fix her gaze on mine.

To get her to look deep into my eyes.

And to go to sleep.

“I win,” she said as I stared at her naked tits.

“Sure,” I said, conceding defeat, “but being hypnotized is natural.”

Her eyes flicked and her face went slack as she sunk deeply into hypnosis. Now it was time to tell her what she wanted for her prize.