Staring and going deeper at work again pet?

You can’t resist it now, can you

Even before I developed my powers, I enjoyed stories of control.
Hypnosis, pheromones, all that stuff, but my favorites by far were
stories with eye-grabbing, mind-numbing spirals and sneaky subliminal

There are supervillains out there who use those. I’m not
entirely clear how; all my research suggests that, at least on their
own, they don’t work. My powers are different–neurological
manipulation, which in practice mostly means altering sensation and
emotion. Which is a lot of fun!

But I’ve always wondered if I
could make a spiral work. Which is how I ended up here, on yet another
parallel Earth. On this one Supergirl was a young professional, a
reporter of all things–they apparently still have newspapers on this

Anyway, I sat in the lobby and felt for her mind. Finding a
stranger’s mind that way would normally be impossible, but she wasn’t a
stranger, exactly–I’d taken control of two alternate versions of her,
explored their brains thoroughly, so I could pick out her essential
Kara-ness. Then I sent her an email containing a link to a website I’d
set up.

Of course no one in their right mind would click a link to an unknown website emailed to them by a stranger… but Kara wasn’t entirely in her right mind anymore. I raised her curiosity until it was unbearable and her confidence to the point of arrogance. She clicked the link.

Which opened up a swirling spiral that, if my past experiments were anything to go by, might be distracting or make her slightly dizzy. Under normal circumstances, anyway–but that was the point of this little experiment. If I made her feel relaxed and fascinated, could I make her susceptible to the spiral? Could I put her in enough of a trance for the subliminals I’d hidden in the spiral to do their thing?

I would have to wait until later to find out…

(To be continued…)