You lay back, the file playing. I made it specifically for you, to help you focus on your studies. School has been hard. Being an honor student in high school was easy enough, but now when you’re wanting to be the best of the best you really need that extra edge. To focus, and concentrate of your studies.

The hazy dreamy feeling washes over you, clamming your fears and easing your tensions. You sigh, close your eyes and lay back on the couch as the white noise grows louder and you don’t yet hear my voice whispering in your ears. Helping you to let go.

Another few deep breaths and the sound washing over you is all there is. By the time you start to hear the first words your conscious mind is asleep, and your subconscious mind is paying attention and that’s all that’s needed to listen. Listen to my voice.

Of course it makes sense to listen, and realize that the best way to focus on your studies is to let someone else make decisions for you in your day-to-day life. Someone you trust to tell you how to dress, to tell you how to handle all this tricky social stuff outside of class.

Then you can relax and study.

Someone you trust.

Someone you can listen to.

The file ends and you sit up awake from your dream feeling so much more comfortable knowing the best way to study is to give up control – and call the one person who knows best to tell you what to do.

Across campus my phone rings, just as I knew it would.

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