The book had been a gift.   Anonymously left on her apartment doorstep.  Hilary hadn’t been expecting it, but she did love a good book.  And so, that night, she lay down on her bed for a good read.  

Mmm.   The first few pages had her hooked.  The story featured a young lady also named Hilary, journeying through a sexy adventure.   She needed to read more… . 

As the story progressed, Hilary the character was led deeper into a sexy web of seduction.   Without even realizing she was doing it, Hilary the reader began to unbutton her top.

It wasn’t hard for Hilary the reader to imagine herself as Hilary the character.  The sexy journey in the book painted a vivid image in her mind.  Her clothes were just getting in the way… 

Yes.  Hilary the character wasn’t wearing any top.  Why should Hilary the reader?   In her mind, as she read, the two distinct and separate individuals began to merge.

Hilary the character was being bombarded by commands.  Being ordered to submit and allow the pleasure to change her.   Hilary the reader read the words, but soon began to hear them as if they were in the room with her.  

The words told Hilary that the story was real.  That the Hilary in the book had succumbed to the power of the Submissive Page.  That she would take the next step and offer herself as well.  

Her legs slowly opened.  Hilary felt herself become one with the character.  As the book told of her character’s submission, so too would the reader now submit. 

Hilary’s mind had been opened and the Book of the Submissive Page had written her new character deep within.  Hilary had submitted as she had been ordered.  Soon the Master of the Book would arrive to claim their new acolyte.  Soon Hilary would be just another story, waiting to snare another soul for the Book and her Master. 

touches so many fantasies