I heard every word he said as he brain-fucked my roommate. Maybe that was a mistake.

Initially I’d been trying to do something about it – gather evidence, I guess, or something. I approached her about it, but she just giggled and said they were just having fun, playing around, all that. I knew it wasn’t true. She wasn’t that type of girl, and when she’d resisted early on, it sounded too earnest.

Now, though, she didn’t resist at all. I went back, listened to the recordings. I searched for nuance – how could I prove this was more than just some weird, kinky role-play thing?

I listened over and over. I memorized them, every word. I knew each change in his voice, every gasp and shudder and moan she let out.

I laid in bed, listening again and again. I don’t know when I started masturbating to them. It just kind of happened. Before long, I was responding as I listened – headphones in, fingering myself, reciting exactly what she said, exactly as she said it.

His voice would say “You can’t think. You’re just a fucktoy.” She and I, together, would say “N-no, please, I…”. He’d interrupt and say “Say it. Say what you are.” In unison, we’d say “I’m.. ohhhh, no, please, I… I’m a ffffucktoy…”. Then we’d moan, shiver, and breathe deeply.

He would say “Tell me who you obey.” We would say “You, Master…”, our voices full of reverence. I could feel myself wanting to obey him as I said it. My mind soaked up all that need, all that worship.

He would tell us “You’re a dumb little cock worshipper, aren’t you?” and we would whimper and moan unintelligibly, trying both to fight and to agree. I couldn’t take my hand off my clit. I wanted to beg to come, but I had to wait until later in the recording, when she did.

He’s here now, in the other room, fucking her. I don’t think he knows I know. I don’t think he knows I’m his.

I think I’m going to surprise them.