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(Continued from this post)

“Kara, look outside. What time of year is it?”

“…Summer…” she said, still deep in trance.

“And when is Christmas?”


“So it can’t be Christmas. There must be some other reason you kissed me, right..?”


I grinned. “And you are attracted to me, aren’t you?” That I’d been able to program into here, along with feelings of submissiveness. It was getting her to act on those feelings that was proving more challenging with this method than my usual mind-whammy.

“Yes…” she agreed.

“So you kissed me because you’re attracted to me, didn’t you?”

“I… guess so..?”

“You kissed me because you’re attracted to me,” I repeated, since she seemed less than certain. She appeared to accept it, though, and I continued on. “You brought a man you’re attracted to back to your apartment, then kissed him. Why would you do that, Kara?”

She hesitated for long enough that I began to worry. “Maybe because… want to… sleep with him? But–”

Nuh-uh, no buts. “That’s right, you did that because you want to sleep with me. You brought me back here to seduce me, didn’t you?”


“There’s no other reason to bring a man back to your apartment and kiss him, is there? You can’t think of any, can you?”


“You brought me here to seduce me. Say it.”

“I… brought you here to… seduce you.”

“So what will you do when I wake you from this trance?”

“Seduce you…”

“Good girl.” I snapped my fingers and woke her up.

(To be continued…)