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(Continued from this post)

The hunter relished his power over the succubus as she writhed. Even in defeat and surrender, she exuded sex, posing with exaggerated submission without any change to the fire in her eyes.

“I have no choice but to obey the holder of the amulet,” she said breathily. “What is your will, Master?”

He could banish her with ease, proving he was right to seek the amulet as a weapon–and more importantly, that the Hunter’s Council was wrong to ignore its usefulness. On the other hand, would the Council believe him? “On your knees, demon,” he ordered while he thought.

She knelt gracefully, looking up at him with big, almost worshipful eyes. If anything, it was even more alluring than her former domineering seductiveness–and from the smirk in her eyes, he knew she knew that. “As you wish, Master,” she said, and the way her lips and tongue shaped the last word conjured images of them moving over his cock.

She was, in every sense of the word, irresistible. The longer he kept her around, the greater the likelihood he would give in and fuck her–and he knew that he didn’t have long before it became a certainty. It nearly was already. Even with the amulet’s protection, she was dangerous–but he needed her as proof to the other hunters that it worked!

“Tell me, demon,” he asked slowly, feeling his way through the idea even as he said it. “Is there a way to fuck you without surrendering my soul or will?”

The smug confidence vanished from her face in an instant. “Th-there… is, Master,” she said, every word clearly being dragged out of her by the compulsion of the amulet.

After a long pause, he realized his mistake. “Then what is it?” he demanded impatiently.

Again, it was like the words were being dragged out of her, and she fought every one of them, but she could not resist the amulet’s power as she explained that if he ordered her not to take his soul, then as long as he bore the amulet, she would be unable to do so.

There was no doubt she was telling the truth–he knew from his research that she could not lie to the holder of the amulet. “Then I order you to never take my soul,” he said, before hastily freeing his cock.

There, on her knees, entirely under his control, the succubus sucked him off, and it was even better than he had imagined. She was his, completely, for life.

(To be continued…)