Taylor Swift

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Typically speaking, the mental changes resulting from the “bimbo plague” happen more quickly than the physical. The virus aggressively attacks the endocrine system, resulting in hormone changes that increase libido and arousal response while disrupting or reducing concentration, executive function, decisiveness, and dominance-seeking behavior. The result is invariably an intensely oversexed and scatterbrained submissive who can barely function without being given orders. The mechanism by which other mental changes–most notably, induced pansexuality (if not already present) and desire for and devotion to the unknown individual known as “Master”–occur is unknown.

The physical changes are relatively simple: a side-effect of the hormonal changes is expansion of fat deposits in the breasts, hips, and buttocks, accompanied by reduction in the deposits elsewhere. The time this takes varies depending on the amount of body fat the patient possessed to begin with: for those with low BMIs, it takes longer as the fat needs to be produced from ingested food.

For example, the above image shows Ms. Swift 17 days after her disappearance. Physical changes are still minimal, as can be seen.

As a result, when the picture appeared on snapchat (with the description “Holy shit you would not believe what just happened”), investigators were able to identify Swift and contact the poster.

It was at this point that investigators realized Swift was a “bimbo plague” victim. The poster described encountering her on the beach, where she appeared confused and distracted. She asked the poster if he “knew where Master was”; when he indicated he did not, she complained of being “horny.” A sexual encounter described as “the best sex of my life” by the poster ensued.

Investigators went to the beach indicated by the poster, but did not find any trace of the missing star.

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