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Only one later image of Swift exists, taken about six months later after the physical changes were complete. The owner of a local diner in a small town in Indiana snapped this image after they recognized Swift, which they only did because she started singing along to one of her own songs that came up on the diner’s jukebox.

Metabolic and hormonal changes triggered by the virus have caused Swift to lose what little fat she had around belly and waist, while rapidly building up new deposits in her hips, buttocks, and especially breasts. The result is the classic “hourglass” shape typical of advanced late-stage “bimbo plague.”

The diner owner took the picture while Swift was waiting to pick up an order. Said owner had been called in by a man the owner never saw, but whom Swift referred to as “Master.” Unfortunately, Swift had already left by the time the owner called the tip line. She paid for the purchase in cash and attempts to trace the call led to an abandoned burner phone.

Outside of occasional, uncorroborated sightings, Swift was never seen again, and presumably remains in possession of “Master” to this day.

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