AAAAGHHHH JESUS H I have read FOUR POSTS from people I KNOW in the past THREE WEEKS that talk about how people are too quick to judge and punish and witch hunt consent violators and I swear to GOD if I read ONE MORE I might just lose the little nerve I have left to file this report against the man who abused me, raped someone else, blatantly assaulted someone else, sent someone else to the hospital, ignored multiple people’s safe words, and abused one of my friends so badly for so long she can’t even talk about him now.

I might just give up because I’m terrified no one wants to fucking hear it.

Im terrified we’ll come out with all this and everyone will think he is the victim.

I swear to GOD.

You people don’t know what you’re doing when you talk like that. You have no fucking idea what you’re doing to people who have taken EONS to heal from something and have FINALLY gathered the strength to do something about IT JUST TO BE TOLD THAT THEY MIGHT BE OVERREACTING.

You have no idea what scum trash bag predators you are unintentionally and unwittingly PROTECTING.

And all for what.

So people don’t talk too bad about someone who already crossed a line and had no remorse.

Fuck everyone today I can’t take this anymore.

And I swear to God I am so not in the mood right now, if anyone reblogs this and tries to defend what I’m mad at I will fucking block you I am NOT in the mood for reasonable debate right now or about what is best for the community I am concerned right now for my situation and my situation only this is a VENT POST


I’m raising my voice in support of @thehypnobunny here. There is no way to support a harasser that doesn’t invalidate the experiences of the victims and tell them that what they suffered isn’t important to you. Every time someone offers a second chance or talks about witch hunts or says, “Oh, but we can’t drive so-and-so out of the community!”, you’re driving someone else out of the community by refusing to believe them when they tell you they were hurt.

Predatory behavior always diminishes the kink community. The only choice to be made is whether we’re getting rid of the predators or the victims, and I know what side I’m on.