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Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon! (Please note that this is unusually long for a commission–I liked the premise and got carried away.)

Hermione hadn’t expected the spell to feel so good.

She’d known it would feel pleasant, of course. She’d created it,
painstakingly, secretly, over more than a month, as an anniversary present for
Ron. They’d married shortly after she finished her advanced studies
post-Hogwarts, and at first they’d both been very happy. Then, slowly, Ron had
started pushing things in the bedroom. Hermione knew he was more experienced
than her, but some of the things he wanted, the power and control—she just
couldn’t agree to that!

But she knew he was unhappy about it. He wanted more, and
she wanted to give him more—but she just couldn’t enjoy the things he wanted.
At least… not as she was normally. There was, she realized, a way she could
make herself enjoy it. Spells to increase libido, dampen the critical
faculties, enhance pleasure, reward submission. Dangerous spells, spells deep
in the gray area between the fully accepted and the Unforgivable. But she’d
found ways to study them, cracking the theory behind them, and slowly pieced
together a spell that combined elements of all of them, a spell that would make
her less intelligent, more submissive and sexually pliant. The hard part had
been making sure it would wear off in a day, but she’d… something.

It was getting hard to remember. The spell was working, and
it felt incredible. Her thoughts were
sluggish and she was getting more distracta—a wave of lust tingled through her
body. She’d put on her old Hogwarts uniform but left most of the buttons
undone—Ron seemed to have a… whatsitcalled. A thing for uniforms. And tits.

Tits! She’d never think that word before. It was a naughty
word! She giggled, still carefully aiming the wand at her head. The pink light
flowing from it felt like it was cleaning her out, sweeping away all the bad
stuff. All the nasty second thoughts and hesitations and implications and
rules. She felt so good, so happy and
horny, she just couldn’t wait until Ron got—

The door opened and Ron stared at his wife. “Um. Hermione?
What are you doing.”

The light faded and Hermione lowered the wand. “Uhhh… I
forget.” With Ron here, all she could think about was him tearing her panties
off and pinning her down on their bed. She waved in the general direction of
the little table by the door. “I left a note.” She giggled again.

Ron read it, his eyes getting wider as he read what she’d
done, and her promise to fulfill his every fantasy for the next 24 hours. Then
he looked up at Hermione. “Really?”

She smiled. “Uh-huh. Happy anni… thingy, honey!”

Ron grabbed her arm and half-dragged her to the bedroom, not
that he needed to. She laughed and followed him eagerly. She squealed as he
flung her onto the bed, and then spread her legs wide. “Please…” she moaned,
rubbing her va—her vaj… her pussy
through her panties. “Please Ron… fuck me…”

His trousers hit the floor, followed by his briefs a moment
later. His long, hard cock stood at attention, and Hermione’s mouth watered at
the sight of it. “How badly do you want it?” he asked her.

Hermione moaned. “Please… I’ll do anything, I need you so bad

Ron grinned. “Anything?”

They fucked four times that night. The first time was hard,
animalistic, desperate, the best sex either of them had ever had. The second,
Ron started by teasing Hermione, toying with her body until she thought she
would explode, or would have if she could still think, and only when she was
reduced to incoherent pleading did he finally take her and it was even better.
The third time he made her kneel and call him Master, licking and stroking his
cock until it was hard again, and then roughly ordered her to fuck him, which
was better still. By the fourth time they were both tired, but he ordered her
to get him hard yet again, then get on top and fuck him while chanting that she
was a dumb slut and his property—and that was the best of all.

Hermione woke the next morning feeling like her head was
stuffed with fuzz, which was pretty normal for mornings. But it didn’t unfuzz.
She remembered the night before like a whirlwind of pleasure and sensation,
vague images rising out of a general sea of bliss. She smiled at Ron’s sleeping
form, but something was tickling at the back of her head.

The spell’s wearing
. It only lasts 24 hours, I cast
it yesterday evening, and it’s early afternoon now. That means there’s only—

She shook her head. Whatever, that was boring. The spell was
fun, she didn’t want to think about
it ending, she wanted to fuck Ron some more. She snuggled against him, sliding
her hand slowly down his body to his cock. Hermione gently stroked him, feeling
him getting harder in her hand.

She looked up into his open eyes. “Hmm, I bet I know what you want,” he said teasingly.

“Cock?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure,” he said. Then he took her hand and pulled it off
him. “After breakfast.”

Hermione pouted. “Pleeeeaaase, Master?”

“Breakfast first,” Ron said firmly. “Then fucking.”

She sighed and slid out of bed. Obeying him felt good, but
not as good as fucking him. As she
walked toward the kitchen, she thought about what to make. Weirdly, she had no
trouble remembering what ingredients they had or what recipes she knew.

That’s the exception
for domestic tasks and roleplay
, she thought. Since Ron likes French maids so much.

It was like there was another voice in her head, the smart,
boring Hermione she used to be, and it kept poking through the nice fluffy pink
clouds before they covered it up again.

Metaphor. I’m getting
smarter again

But the thoughts were distracting. She needed to focus on
breakfast! Cracking eggs, whisking them, scrambling them. Ron watched her from
the kitchen table while she cooked. He was naked and rock hard, and that was so
distracting there wasn’t room for anything but that and cooking.

She set the plate of eggs and bacon down in front of him and
then knelt by his chair. “What about your breakfast, pet?” he asked, and
gestured to his cock.

It took Hermione’s addled brain a moment to understand, but
then she eagerly rushed to obey, engulfing the head of his cock in her mouth. I didn’t used to like this, she thought,
but that was silly. It felt so good, how could she have ever refused?

Ron—Master—soon came in her mouth, and she swallowed him
down happily. Not much longer, she
thought as she gazed up at him. “I wish I could feel like this forever,” she

Ron looked down at her. “You mean that?”

She nodded emphatically. “Uh-huh! This feels so good! But
the spell’s gonna end soon…”

Ron stroked her cheek. “We could do this again some time.”

Nononono I hate this
I’m only doing it for Ron! “No,”
Hermione said. But she didn’t hate this, how could she hate something that felt
so good? “Feels so good, I don’t wanna ever stop.”

Ron smiled nervously. “If… if you really mean that, if you
want to keep going, we could… cast the spell again?”

No! Don’t make me stay
like this longer!
“Then I’ll stay like this longer! You’re so smart,

He leaned down to kiss her. “Never thought I’d hear you say
that. C’mon, show me where your notes are? I might not get the theory, but I
can probably figure out how to cast the spell.”

Hermione struggled to remember where she put her notes,
while at the same time some other memory was clamoring for her attention,
something about wanting to make this temporary. But then they found the notes,
and Ron read through them.

By the time the shadows outside were growing long, he was
ready. Hermione knelt in front of Ron, both naked, while he pointed his wand
between her eyes. Her mind whirled as she stared up at him. This was what he
wanted. It felt so good to do what he wanted! But I don’t want to stay—The sex last night was so good! She loved
serving, fucking, sucking, being on her knees! But—There was some reason she should tell him to stop, but it was
so hard to remember it! So hard to think about anything other than that pink
light, how good it felt when it wiped her mind clean of sad, boring, smart-girl
voices. So much easier just to kneel and wait while he double-checked the

And then her mind cleared. Her eyes widened as she realized
the spell had worn off, and Ron was about to cast it again! She opened her
mouth, about to shout “Stop!” And then the pink light flowed over her from
Ron’s wand and pleasure filled her thoughts. Her jaw dropped as it filled her
head, the pleasure, the submission, the desire. She was supposed to tell him to
stop, because, because… because why? It felt so good, and it was so easy to let
it happen…

I’m never going to be
the old me again
, she thought, and then there was only pink.

364 days later…

Hermione knelt at her Master’s feet, gazing up at him
happily. It was their usual evening ritual, when Master cast the spell that
kept her dumb and happy and enslaved. Then they would play, and go to bed, and
tomorrow she would slowly get smarter and more confused until evening, when
Master would make her dumb and everything would be simple again.

The voice of Boring Hermione nagged at the back of her mind,
like it always did before the spell, but Hermione had a lot of practice
ignoring her smarter side. She just thought about how good the spell was going
to feel, how great it was to have Master to make all the decisions for her so
she could just fuck and suck and have fun and be happy.

But something was different today. Where was Master’s wand?
For a moment, Hermione panicked. Did he forget? Was he going to let Boring
Hermione take over?

“Happy anniversary!” Master said, and held out something for
Hermione to take. She looked it over in confusion. A collar? With writing on
it. It said… she bit her lip while she tried to work it out. S… l… u… t..? She
looked up at Master in confusion.

“It’s yours!” he said. “It took me ages to figure out on my
own, but it’s got the spell woven into it! As long as you wear it, I won’t need
to cast it—it’ll be permanent, never weakening, never wearing off.”

Hermione stared up at Master, trying to work it out. Deep
inside her, Boring Hermione was screaming. It’ll
be permanent! I’ll never be able to think for myself again!
So I’ll… I’ll be like this forever?”

Master nodded. “Exactly.”

Boring Hermione screamed and screamed as Hermione smiled
dazzlingly. “Oh, Master! Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” She held the
collar up to him, and he took it from her solemnly.

No! Boring
Hermione cried. Stop, let me out, I don’t
want this, I—
And then the collar was around her neck, and the voice went

“Now, slut,” said Master, “for my present. I’ll let you pick
it out—where do you want my cock?”

Hermione gazed up at him in dazed bliss and gestured to her

“Right answer,” said Master.

And then there was the cock in her mouth, and the pink bliss
in her brain, giggles and sex and outfits, serving and pleasing her Master,

She couldn’t have been happier.


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Very very very nice, Mid!

omg this is the BEST.

Before I realised my mind control kink was actually a kink I read so much Harry Potter fanfiction with mind control… Took a while for me to realise that the mind control part was what turned me on.

This ticks alllll the boxes for me

That was beyond wonderful. This one captivated me completely, just wow. That was, well, hot!

Well except for the consent bits near the end that made me personally uncomfortable…… @djinn-fire ooh la LA

¾ of this story is super hot! And the last quarter is just, ughhh, surprise non-con that makes me feel icky. Like sometimes non-con in stories is done in ways that are super sexy, but maybe it’s because this is such a real-seeming way something like this could happen? Or maybe it’s because I know these characters and they’re dear to me and I don’t want to see them doing stuff like this? Anyway, here, I fixed it:

Not much longer, she thought as she gazed up at him. “I wish I could feel like this forever,” she said.

Ron looked down at her. “You mean that?”

She nodded emphatically. “Uh-huh! This feels so good! But the spell’s gonna end soon…”

Ron stroked her cheek. “We could do this again sometime.”

Nononono I hate this stuff! I’m only doing it for Ron! “No,” Hermione said. But she didn’t hate this, how could she hate something that felt so good? “Feels so good, I don’t wanna ever stop.”

Ron chuckled at that and kissed his wife on the forehead. “Let’s talk about it again in a few hours, love.” And with one hand absently petting Hermione’s hair, his cock flaccid and utterly spent, he turned his attention to his breakfast, wolfing it down with twice his usual gusto—he had, after all, spent many of the hours since his previous meal engaging in athletic sex.

Still kneeling beside him, Hermione pouted. “But it feels so gooood,” she whined at him, even as the rest of her thoughts cried, Yes, thank you Ron! She knew she wanted to feel like this forever—No, not forever, just for a bit, just to give Ron something that would make him happy, but this isn’t me, I don’t want—and her hand strayed to his cock as she implored him, “You could do the spell again! Make me like this forever! Isn’t that what you want?”

Ron looked up from his breakfast and stared at Hermione as if she’d sprouted a second head. “And risk botching the spell and turning your brain to goo? What, d’you think I could call up Harry and said, ‘Hey mate, I accidentally turned our best friend into a deranged sex slave, can you nip over here and help me sort it out?’”

Keep reading

This is a very good alternate ending to my caption. I personally prefer my ending, but I 100% understand why it’d be uncomfortable for people, and this is a well-written alternative for them.