Of course she was intelligent. That’s why he sought her out in the first place. He met her in a bookstore, looking for books to add to her collection, and decided then and there that she would be a perfect addition to a little collection he was building of his own. Far from being disappointed in finding such a bright young woman, he was absolutely thrilled. It made her the perfect choice for his next slave.

The more intelligent she was, the more quickly she found herself thinking about the subtle hypnotic metaphors woven into his language. A bimbo might not have noticed the way he described the pull of inexorable gravity tugging even moons and planets into orbit around stronger and more powerful forces, but she nodded along eagerly with every word.

Accustomed to reading and visualizing words and images in her her head more vividly than reality, she had an easy time slipping into a reverie under his guidance. Because she was so imaginative, she effortlessly imagined herself sinking into her own private fantasy, a sensual novel with him as the author. She understood intimately the sensations he evoked in her mind and body. And by the time he guided her into the depths of trance, her cunning and inventive mind was perfectly turned to reinforcing her deep hypnotic state.

A dumb girl would never have mastered the depths of perfect thoughtlessness she could descend to. A stupid girl could could never have gone so utterly blank while still retaining all her skills at sucking cock. Only the best and the brightest could be the blankest and the deepest for him. And she definitely qualified.

She had the perfect mind. All he needed to do was teach it how to switch off for a while.

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