I didn’t go under, did I?

Actually, I rather think you did. I took you down fairly deep.

Did you? It didn’t seem that way to me. I just closed my eyes when you told me to, and you kept talking to me. I just didn’t pay much attention.

That was the hypnosis. That’s what it’s like. Did you enjoy it?

I didn’t enjoy it, and I didn’t not enjoy it. I didn’t really notice anything, to be honest. Was I really under?

You were… . You seem like you don’t believe me.

How do I know I was really under? You say I was, but I didn’t notice anything of the sort.

I can prove it to you.

Really? How? By making me cluck like a chicken?

Would you like me to make you cluck like a chicken? That wasn’t what I had in mind, but it can be arranged.

No, I don’t want that. What did you have in mind?

It’s called “hands-free orgasm.” I gave you a trigger phrase. When I say it, you are going to have an intense orgasm.

No way.


I don’t believe you.

You don’t have to believe me. When I say your phrase, it is going to happen. Don’t worry, the trigger only works with me, and it won’t work after tonight. Nothing permanent, that was our agreement.

So are you going to use my trigger phrase or not?

Of course I am, but only if you are prepared to experience a powerful orgasm when I do.

I doubt it. But please don’t keep me waiting.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (*snap!*) Erotic hippopotamus!

That’s not doing any — wait, something is — Oh. Oh. Oh, my God! It’s happening! Yes, fuck yes! Oh! Ah! Yesssssss!

Do you believe me now?

How did you do that? That was amazing, how did you do it?

I hypnotized you, and then talked to you about having the trigger. I helped you remember some sexual experiences, good orgasms, and anchored them to the trigger. Then I tested it out to see that it worked, while you were still in trance.

But I don’t — you didn’t do that, I don’t remember you doing any of that.

You did go down pretty deep. That can sometimes interfere with memory formation. Your unconscious mind remembers, though, what I’ve taught it to do every time I say (*snap!*) erotic hippopotamus.

It’s happening again. My God, I — Oh. Oh! Fuck! Fuck! I’m — Ahh! Fuck. Oh… . That’s incredible.

(*snap!*) Erotic hippopotamus.

Wait, I — I’m going to — fuck, again! It’s —

(*snap!*) Erotic hippopotamus.

I’m com — Oh, God, yes —

(*snap!*) Erotic hippopotamus!

Ng! I — God, I’m coming, Gah! It’s too much! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck, that’s so fucking good.

Take a moment. Catch your breath. That’s right. Now, do you believe that I hypnotized you?

I don’t know what to believe any more. But that’s amazing.

Isn’t it, though? Want to see what else is amazing?


This: (*snap!*) Deep trance now!

Ohhhhhh… .

(source: @hotamateurladies; model: Ember; via @hypmaus)

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