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“Now sit there and think about this,” I told Starfire. When she obeyed, I induced strong  feelings of pleasure and a little relaxation, then gradually tapered off the pleasure while increasing the relaxation. “You were happy being my slave, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

I rewarded her with a burst of pleasure. “You wanted to stay a slave, didn’t you?:


Pleasure. “So when this… Raven removed your enslavement, you didn’t want that, did you?”


Pleasure. “So really Raven’s the one who altered your mind without your permission, isn’t she?”

“I…” Impressively, she was able to resist that. Whoever Raven was, she must have given Starfire some help.

“You didn’t want her to force you to go back to your old self. She made you, right?”

Starfire sighed.  “I… guess so.”

That earned her another burst of pleasure. “So she altered your mind without your permission.”


“She used mind control to manipulate you, but don’t worry. I’m here to bring you back where you belong. It feels good to just relax and let me help you become a slave again…”

(To be continued…)