And here we go.

To everyone saying, “BUT MIKE PENCE!”……..

Look, I moved to a new school almost every year growing up, and got into a lot of fights as the perennial new kid. One thing I learned very quickly is that when you’re in a fight, you’re in a fight. Act accordingly. Doesn’t matter if the ringleader is an orange buffoon or someone who looks like a cartoon villain. WE’ ARE IN A FIGHT. First focus on doing what’s right (impeach Trump) and **then** worry about Pence, who may be implicated in the whole Russia debacle anyway.

Also, Mike Pence is not that bright? Did you see the VP debates?

And remember, the last time the media and the DNC colluded to cherry pick “the perfect” opponent, it ended up with Trump in the White House

PLEASE believe me, anyone who isn’t straight, white, “Christian,” wealthy and male……you’re already IN a fight. Act like it. Don’t pull any punches. Republicans won’t

Bottom line: Racists like Jeff Sessions stay running the DoJ whether Trump or Pence is president. Betsy DeVos doesn’t stop attacking hungry children in public schools. Things don’t get any “better” if we pick “different” Republicans 

Please get this through your heads: the *entire* Republican Party is thoroughly foul. So fight them. ALL of them, ALL the time, at every step of the way


Fight and never stop fighting.

Think of it as a boss rush. First Trump, then Pence, then the Republican Party, then the Democratic Party, then capitalism.