Okay. I hate confrontation. It terrifies me. I avoid it at all costs, hence why it took me so long to finally say something. But this guy is seriously awful. I wanted to share these so that anyone who maybe isn’t as experienced in hypnosis or might be triggered easily won’t fall for this predator’s crap. Tagging a few people: @hypnospirals @mrmesmer @sirmesmer @toodomforyou

Shit like this happens all the damn time and I’m glad more people are speaking out about it. This is why I disabled instant messaging and ask everyone to go through the tumblr inbox instead. Because people are fucking ridiculous.

If it’s not “hey wanna be my slave?”, it’s “here’s a photo of my dick” or “let me tell you all the different ways I’m going to rape you”. 

Guys, please stop being like this. A real woman will never, ever touch you if you don’t find some fucking chill.