(Continued from this post…)

“Thank you for saving me, Master!” Starfire was doing a series of poses for me, getting hornier as she did–a game I’d just come up with as a way of testing my restored control.

“You’re welcome, Starfire. Tell me about this Raven.”

“She’s an old friend, Master. She is a powerful empath and uses the magic, she can be the very scary!”

I pondered this a moment, then had Starfire tell me the whole story. Apparently Raven sensed my changes the instant she saw Starfire, and magically immobilized her while she undid them. “Then she said we should confront you, but I was so angry! I flew here by myself. Raven shouted the warnings after me and followed but I am much, much faster.”

I nodded sagely. Good strategy, insisting on coming with Starfire. That way, if–wait. “She’s coming here!? Now!?”

“Yes, Master. She should be here any minute.”


(To be continued…)