She doesn’t even know that he’s fucking her tits.

Oh, she can feel it. Her whole body is like one gigantic clit right now, and the sensation of his cock repeatedly stroking her sensitive skin is making her pussy leak like a broken faucet into her panties. But she’s not consciously aware of any of it. The only thing she knows, the only thing she can focus on, is his eyes and his voice.

She doesn’t realize time is passing. She doesn’t know that he pulled up her shirt, undid her bra, lubed his dick in her mouth. She never noticed any of those things. If she had, she would have welcomed them, but she welcomed being taken this deep even more. She loved every second of locking stares with him and letting him center her thoughts on his gaze, until the rest of the world faded away into the pure bliss of obedience. She loves it even more now that she belongs to him.

She responds to his every command, his continuous stream of deep programming, with “Yes Sir,” but she doesn’t even notice that; her replies are automatic and instinctive now, the voice of an obedience so thoughtless that she doesn’t even know what she’s agreeing to. She doesn’t need to know. She only needs to accept and submit, and that’s as natural as breathing to her now. “Yes Sir,” she says. Over and over. It’s the only thing she knows how to say now.

He pumps faster and faster, and her breathing quickens as she feels his thrusts become more urgent and erratic. He’s going to cum soon, she can feel it. She won’t be aware of that either…but when she feels him spray his load all over her tits, her orgasm won’t need a reason.

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