“And how long have you been investigating my organisation?”

“Ten months, Master,” Karen replied in a monotone. “Since my sister disappeared.”

“And have you found any concrete evidence of what I do here?”

“No, Master. Not until the photos I took tonight,” she said as she held up the camera.

“Excellent. Karen, that camera is a threat to me. Destroy it.”

In an instant, she threw the device to the floor and began to stomp, her mud-covered boots, still dripping from the hours staked out in the rain, broke apart the delicate electronics. In seconds, all the evidence she had worked tirelessly to acquire was gone. Almost a year of her life focused solely on infiltrating the mysterious compound, wasted.

“Finished, Master,” she said.

“Good girl. Once you’re dressed more appropriately, join us in the bedroom. Your sister has missed you terribly.”

“Yes, Master.”

Sisters, betrayal, what’s not to love?