Lost in a Bodysuit

“Tom, I need you to concentrate for me. Can you do that? Okay, you set the release code on the bodysuit. What was the code?”

Standing there looking at John, Alyssa knew that John was right. She remembered this morning, she was Tom. And wearing the bodysuit was part of a company demo that she… he had organized. Tom had sit everything up. The plan had been to demonstrate the full capabilities of the new prototype in bodysuits.

Tom had wanted to show just how dramatic the changes could be. He selected a very feminine bodysuit, that was sure to hold the audience’s attention. And then knowing that some of the company thought he was a bit domineering and rigid, he had selected a personality assist program to go with it.

Unfortunately, Tom had been running behind schedule when he was setting up the suit. He hadn’t had the chance to read all the settings on the assist program he had selected, and the effects were far more dramatic… and effective that he had ever imagined.

“Okay, Tom. Look at me and focus. What personality assist program did you choose?”

Excited that she knew that answer, “Bunny!”

John’s shoulders fell, he had helped write the programing for all the assist programs and knew that the Bunny program was designed to make the wearer an airheaded bimbo, it was for someone that wanted a bit of a care-free escape from life, with few worries and just be able to enjoy the pleasures that the bodysuit could provide. And the Bunny personality was definitely a personality that would struggle to remember a 10 digit alpha-numeric code.

“Oh… ummm… Alyssa, um, we may need to have you work as our receptionist for awhile.” Looking at how Tom looked as Alyssa, “Or perhaps as my personal assistant.” John was remembering all the preferences he had programmed into the Bunny personality assist program. The longer he looked at the sexy body in front of him, the less concerned he was about being able to help Tom our of the bodysuit and the more he realized how easy it was going to be to manipulate and create his own little plaything out of his former coworker. “It may be some time before Tom comes back to work.”

Alyssa enjoyed being able to see everyone as that worked at the corporation when she walked through the offices. But she knew how they all looked at her, they remembered who she used to be. She remembered that too, but it was so hard to even try to act like that person. It felt so good to be Alyssa, and it was so natural, and happy. It was easier to just be Alyssa.