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Mary Marvel. Powers include enhanced strength and endurance, flight, and increased intellect. That last was the problem, sort of: between her magical nature and enhanced “wisdom,” she might catch on that something was different about Raven and Starfire. But that was just the beginning–the issue was the way her powers manifested–a magical transformation fueled by the powers of other entities.

As Raven explained it, her transformed state both was and was not the same person as her untransformed state. The mental changes in particular left her personality intact, but altered her judgment and analytical abilities. The practical upshot was that there was a very good chance any control I placed her under would be wiped away every time she transformed!

Even if I tried to control both parts, it would be wiped away next time she changed form. And I couldn’t just order her to remain in her magic form–her civilian identity, Mary Batson, was only 18 and still in high school. She would be missed, and that would bring the entire Justice League down on my head.

Still, there had to be a way! I sat down with my little team of experts–Harley for her knowledge of psychology, me for my mental powers, Zatanna for the magic side of things, and Raven for her experience mixing both–to figure out our best strategy to take her down and make her mine.

(To be continued)