Tina had felt strange ever since she got the new glasses. At first she thought there might be something wrong with the glasses themselves, but she tried switching back to her old pair and that was, in some difficult-to-define way, worse.

Maybe it was a coincidence, just a matter of going a long time without, that made her start feeling so–well, the only word for it was horny–right around the time she got a new prescription.

At first she’d just started playing with herself a little more, and that worked, for a while. But as the days went by, the need built, and she started playing with herself a lot more. Then came the strange urge to go shopping. It was a very specific urge, too, as she realized once she reached the mall: she wanted solid-color sweaters and short skirts, in red or orange or purple. Nothing else get right–and then later that night she discovered how much hornier wearing them made her, how good it felt to play with herself while wearing her new clothes.

They reminded her of something, too, something she couldn’t quite think of. She’d really felt it after impulsively taking scissors to her hair and giving herself a chin-length bob. It had just felt right–but when she looked at herself in the mirror after, something looked wrong. Something tickled at her brain that she almost recognized, but couldn’t quite place what.

Somewhere else entirely, a button was pressed. It occurred to Tina that she wanted to go for a walk…

(To be continued)