Never Say Simon Again

“Simon says, ‘Give me your panties.’”

Jane Bound, British secret agent Eta, knew she had to play along. With a flirty gesture, she reached underneath her skirt and pulled off her lacy white underthings. She handed them to Simon Simmons, a vulgar American whose forays into subliminal technology had prompted MI69′s investigation.

“Simon says, ‘Feel horny,’“

Bound knew she had to play along, to earn his trust, so that she could learn what he was up to. She had to fake it, so she arched her back and let out a low moan of desire.

“Simon says, ‘Hand over your gun, Ms. Bound’“

He knew who she was! With a practiced motion, Bound drew the single-shot pistol from its concealed holster…

…and handed it gently to Simmons. She wore a look of total shock as she watched her hand release the cold steel.

“Good girl. Simon says ‘Cum now.’“

Bound’s body exploded with bliss.

So much for faking it.