Whispers in her mind




Softly calling her back, coaxing her from sleep… from the

‘Come back to me…’

That voice… His voice… pulling her back into wakefulness…and
she follows gladly, she would do anything for that voice.  ‘I’m
coming…. I’m coming to you…’
she thinks, reality piercing through her mind
just as she opens her eyes to the watery sunlight streaming in through the
parting in the curtains. With a soft groan and a dry mouth she blinks the last
sleep from her eyes and then stretches her whole body before yawning loudly.

“Hey… Can you hear me?”

Another groan escapes her and she feels the dryness in the
mouth worse than before when she answers in a whispered “Yes…”

“How are you feeling?”

It takes her a moment to process the question, “Groggy… and
thirsty.” The raspy voice sounds strange in the quite room as she replies,
while calculating the roll over onto her stomach in order to reach the bedside
table, where a cool drink was waiting for her. But then she feels it –
something solid and warm between her thighs, nuzzling close to her pussy. ‘Well, this is going to make rolling over
a teensy bit awkward,’
she thinks to herself as she reaches down with one
hand to confirm her suspicions.  

“…..take a drink of water.” she hears the voice in her ears
say and instantly moves to sit upright and take a drink. Not water, but cool,
refreshingly sweet soda flows down her throat and the flavor bursts in her

“Damn, that’s good…” she mumbles to no one in particular
before taking another long drink.

“How are you feeling?” the voice in her ears asks again.

God, does he have any
idea what that voice does to me?
That voice that swirls around and pulls at
her mind. Making her body come alive or relax at its will. Resonating through
her being during the day and invading her dreams at night. She would do
anything for that voice… for her Master.

“I feel so relaxed…” she answers, closing her eyes again
as a wonderfully peaceful feeling steals over her entire body, bringing a small
smile to her lips.

“I’m glad to hear that, slave,” the smug pride clear in his
tone, as if he knew exactly how she was going to feel when she came to.

Sitting there smiling to herself, wrapped up in her own little
bubble of soft, warm happiness… her thoughts turn to her Master. How good he is
to her… how he takes care of her needs… how she would do anything to please
him. Obedience. Loyalty. How she often thi….

“I want you to lie down comfortably. Can you see Masters
Cock nearby?” his words slice through her happy bubble with white hot arousal.
She can feel the wet heat emanating from her pussy almost instantly. She knows
what’s coming. Good God, I’m not even on
my back yet!
she thinks and quickly does as she was told.

“Okay, I’m lying down… and yes, I have Masters Cock nearby.”
Very, very close by.

“Excellent. Now, I want you to go ahead and take Masters
Cock and rub it against your clit.”

Just hearing those words has her back arching high and
causes an insistent , aching need to start building in her belly. Reaching down
with her hand she again feels the warm, solid object in question and briefly
wonders how the toy ended up there. Taking her toy, no… Masters Cock… in hand,
she gently drags the entire length of it up over her already sensitive clit. A
soft moan escapes as she slides it down now. Adding more pressure and feeling
Masters Cock sink in between the folds of her pussy… Releasing the build-up of
moisture and instantly coating the entire length of him with her glistening

“How does that feel, slave?”

His voice just adds to the sensation and sends shivers up
her spine. Her entire body has come alive and his voice has a direct link to
her central nervous system. Her heart feels like its beating everywhere in her
whole body, all at once. But coherent thought has left and her reply is very
simple. “Hmm… it feels so damn good…”

“Really, now?” she can basically see the smirk on his face.

“Yes… it feels amazing.” Her words have turned to moans of

Gentle and teasing upwards, firm and more pressure down –
she works Masters Cock over her clit, again and again and again. With pleasure
clouding her mind and his voice whispering in her ears, it’s not hard to
imagine that it is Masters Cock, the real one, teasing over her clit and pussy
as he rocks his pelvis against hers. His heat… his smell… his warm breath… it
feels like it’s just beyond her reach and she can feel the aching need in her
pussy grow even worse, even more demanding.

“Hmm, it does sound amazing. Now, would you like to feel
Masters Cock inside your cunt?”

His words burn their way through the fluffy pink cloud of
desire surrounding her mind and she feels her pussy overflowing with hot
juices, her body reacting to the softly spoken question as if it was a living
thing and her legs fall wide open in response.

“Yes please, Master!” she manages to say.

“Good Girl.” he says and as always brings a smile to her
face. “Now, take my Cock and slide it inside your wet, needy cunt.” With the
words still ringing in her ears she pushes her Masters Cock deep inside her
pussy, all the way to the hilt, and in that moment there is nothing except the
feeling of Him finally claiming her.

She cannot think. She has no thoughts to think. She does not
want to think.

The resulting explosion of pleasure knocks the breath from
her lungs and she’s sure she must be gasping for air, but all she can hear are
loud moans. The incredible feeling of Masters Cock filling her to the brim,
stretching her pussy to accommodate his entry, is almost too much to bear and
she can basically see the edge over which she is not allowed to fall.

“Tell me how that feels, slave?” as always, His voice has
the power to shine through any part of her mind. “Tell me how it feels to have
Masters Cock inside your cunt.”

Another bright stab of pleasure hits her at his filthy words
and her hips thrust upwards, no doubt in search of some pressure… some relief
from this ache…. Anything!

“It feels so
wonderful, Master… so warm and full and… I can almost feel Masters Cock pulsing
inside of me… Hmm, so good and… “, and words fail her.

“Start fucking yourself with my Cock, slave.” And with a
gasp of pure joy she starts doing just that. “Can you feel that, slave? Can you
feel my Cock pushing into you… thrusting into you… my body looming over you…?”
and she feels it. By God, she feels all.

The only things to be heard in the quite room are moans and
pants, growing louder and louder, and the moist sucking sounds of Masters Cock
setting a steady but punishingly pleasurable pace, fucking his slave. Fucking
her into a mindless, helpless frame of mind. Fucking her like she deserves to
be fucked. Pulsing inside her with his heat, strength and the power he has over
her body. Pushing her closer and closer to the edge she is not allowed to fall
over. Waves of pleasure flow from His Cock and into the center of her being,
filling her with his will and dominance. This goes on for what feels like
hours… days… weeks… all rolling together to create one stunning moment. But she
needs one more thing.

“Please say something…” she begs in a moan.

And Master rewards her.

“You are mine.” with three little words he slams right into
the deepest, darkest part of her being. “I own you. Mind… body… and soul. You
are my slave, mine to command, mine to fuck, and mine to corrupt. I am your
Master and I have earned your submission, your obedience and your loyalty.” His
words are powerful and ring true in her heart while her pussy feels like it
would explode in warm, gushing ecstasy at any moment. “I did this to you. I
made you into this mindless, wanton creature, fucking yourself with Masters
Cock at my command. You know it’s true, don’t you?”

And instantly she knows it’s true. The whispers in her mind
become a little clearer and she can make out bits and pieces now. There are thoughts
swimming around her head that are not her own and she feels a little
overwhelmed in that moment. But with each thrust of His Cock inside her she
feels the truth more and more. While under his hypnotic influence and care, he
planted the suggestion… The suggestion that her toy was in actual fact His
Cock! And it does feel like His Cock… warm and pulsing and alive… giving her
unimaginable pleasure, promising so much more… sealing her fate. She wouldn’t
have been able to stop fucking herself with His Cock even if she wanted to. His
Cock goes in, and her mind goes out. Simple as that.  

In fact, it was even simpler than that. Mindless, blank and
helpless to stop Him, her Master had pulled her subconscious strings and he was
now making her dance like a slutty marionette. And she would only be lying to
him and herself if she said she didn’t love every second of it.

The moaning and panting grow all the more loud and desperate,
as clawing the sheets with one hand she thrashes wildly on the bed. Behind her
closed eyes she sees starburst and, toeing the edge dangerously, a vision
flashes. Master… his body covering hers, arms caging her, fitting perfectly
between her spread legs, pounding into her furiously, the pressure building,
their hearts racing, the smell of their animalistic fucking wrapped like a
sheath around them, her legs begin to shake, so close… so… fucking… close…

With one swift motion she pulls Masters Cock from her
clenching, soaking wet cunt, and lies down to catch her breath as the pink fog
descends, pulsing through and around her body and mind. When not 10 seconds ago
she wanted to cum so much that she felt like screaming; she was now basking in
the afterglow of her denial and in knowing that this feeling would last so much
longer than any mere orgasm ever could.  

“God, I wish I could see you right now.” He says softly into
her ears, a wistful tone in his voice that claws at her heart. Glancing down
her body she broadly grins, because Master would quite enjoy this specific
sight, she was sure of it.

“You did this to me.” She replies, clear and steady. There
is no judgment coming from her, just acceptance laced with happiness.  

From Him there is nothing but pure joy and pride as he
replies, “Well, I promised you a surprise, didn’t I?”

And the peals of laughter that bursts out of both of them,
makes everything seem just that much more… real.  

Once you belong thoroughly enough to me, fucking your mind will be nearly indistinguishable from fucking your body.

Your cunt will clench, your breath will come out in gasps, and your mind will cry out in ecstasy when your submission is complete.

@a-secret-slut-fantasy is a fantastic writer and I hope to inspire more work by her. Please give her the accolades she deserves.