This is the most wonderful thing about hypnosis to her, although she won’t notice it until later. She’s completely lost in this moment. She’s not thinking about the three meetings she has scheduled for tomorrow, or the funny noise her car made, or whether she’s helping too much with their kid’s science project. All the mundane distractions and stresses and irritations of the world that make it hard for regular people to truly feel the emotional power of their lovemaking simply don’t exist for her.

Even the trance itself is forgotten now, lost in the depths of pure, blank, mindless bliss. She doesn’t realize that she’s deeply hypnotized. She doesn’t mentally recite her mantras of cock worship and obedience. She’s past the point where words are even necessary. She feels the truth of things, a bone-deep certainty in the depths of her soul, and it guides her into thoughtless ecstasy as she sucks and sucks. His pleasure is simply a part of her now, the feel of her lips on his cock a thrill in her own mind as instinctive as breathing. Sucking cock feels so good. Pleasing Master feels so good. When he comes, she’s going to feel the orgasm in her own body without even knowing why.

She doesn’t know how long she’s been sucking. She doesn’t care. The moment is timeless, infinite. She doesn’t think about a past, she doesn’t think about a future. She’s not anticipating or remembering or worrying, she’s simply giving herself to him. Hypnosis has shut down her sense of time, so that she can exist within the bliss of their lovemaking for as long as it goes on. When she wakes, sometimes she’s astonished at how much time passed. Sometimes she’s amazed at how little. But right now, the trance is its own perfect little bubble of joy.

She hears him moan, his breathing quickening, and she feels a surge of heat in her pussy at the knowledge that she’s pleasing him. She doesn’t think about the arousal. She doesn’t think about his pleasure. The world is reduced to sensation and awareness for her, and she doesn’t process any of it. That’s what makes it so wonderful. She can truly relax when she’s sucking his cock, deeply and blissfully sink into a state of trance so profound that thought itself goes away. It’s what makes her so easy to hypnotize, so helpless to resist (not that she wants to resist, but it’s so hot to know that she couldn’t if she wanted to). In the end, her need will always take her this deep. Her Master only shows her the way.

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