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Velma & Daphne
Cosplayers: @moniqalefevre & MicroKitty​
Photographer: Alien Being Media


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“Velma, Daphne,” ordered Master. “You want each other, desperately.”

Daphne had no memory anymore of the time before she was Daphne. The name Phoebe held no resonance for her, nor did she recognize her rival for Master’s affections and approval, Velma, as her former roommate Tina. The very idea that there was such a thing as “before I was Daphne” or “before I was a slave” made no sense to her anymore. Thinking about it would have been like trying to imagine a four-sided triangle.

Nonetheless, on some level she was aware that she had no sexual interest in other women. At least, not until Master told her to. She wanted what he wanted her to want, and when he ordered her to want Velma, it was like something clicked in her brain.

As for Velma, she only had one thought as Daphne put her scarf around Velma’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss was: Finally!

(To be continued)