“Leaving so soon? Haven’t you forgotten something, Mid?”

I’d handed back my room key, settled my bill (including a hefty charge from the mini-bar), and was just walking out the hotel lobby, when I heard her call after me. I turned around, and there she was. Aubrey Plaza.

OK, I’ll admit it, I’d had….a little fun with her. What’s a guy to do, when a gorgeous actress turns up at his hokey hypnosis show? Can you really blame me, when she volunteered to get up on stage and go under? Of course I gave Miss Plaza a few….extra special instructions, and I’ll tell you something, that night in my hotel room – she did not disappoint.

But that’s all it was ever meant to be. A notch in the bedpost. A one night stand. A tale I’d one day tell my kids – a few photos and one or two rather raunchy videos, for me to remember her by, and then I sent Aubrey on her way… 

But nothing more.

And yet here she was, back at the hotel, waiting for me.

She sauntered over to me, fixing me with one of her trademark deadpan stares.

“What’s the matter, Mid? Tongue-tied all of a sudden?”

Within seconds, she was stood, inches from my face. I could smell her perfume.

“I know what you did to me. What you made me believe…how you made me act….what you made me…want to do to you…” Aubrey whispered, sensually, in my ear. “What’s to stop me going to the police right now? They’d arrest you before you left the city limits…”

“I….I….I’m sorry, Aubrey…it wasn’t meant to-“ I stammered. She wasn’t meant to have remembered…

“Sssssshhhh, Mid.” She placed a long, slim index finger over my lips, cutting short my desperate attempt at an apology. 

And then Aubrey Plaza kissed me. A long, slow, passionate kiss – I could see the fires of lust burning brightly in her eyes.

“Like I said, Mid. I know what you did to me. But I just don’t care. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. I know it’s crazy, but I can’t fight it…I’m yours…take me with you!”

I knew I should have ended it right there and then. Dropped her, quickly, and made sure she never remembered any of this. But by now, Aubrey had me against the wall, her small but pert breasts pressed up against my chest, her legs languidly wrapping themselves around me. 

“Take me with you…” she smiled, eyes wide and crazed. “Take me with you, and finish what you did to me…brainwash me completely…enslave me…please, Mid….make me your fuckdoll, now…”

I stroked her cheek, lovingly, and took Aubrey by the hand. “Well, my dear….if you insist….sleep now.

Aubrey’s eyes snapped shut, and her head dropped.

A few hours later, I was back at home, sitting back on my sofa, enjoying an ice cold drink, whilst a topless Aubrey Plaza, legs splayed out behind her, took me in her mouth, and gave me the first of many, many blowjobs, in her new life as my domestic pleasure pet…

A request by my partner in crime, @midorikonton. Hope you like it, sir!

I very much do! Thank you!