“That’s right, Melanie,” he said, his voice low and melodious and irresistible, “you can feel it now, can’t you? All your will, all your strength, all your thoughts being sucked away. You can’t fight it,  because she’s already taken away the part of you that can fight it. With every second, you become more weak. More helpless. More mine.”

Melanie let out a loud moan as she felt the pressure of Theresa’s mouth increase. It was almost too much–she knew she was going to have a mark in the morning–but she didn’t care. The fantasy felt so hot that she wanted Theresa to give her marks. She wanted to be able to look down at her breasts for days and think to herself, “That’s where Theresa drained my will away.” Her back arched in pleasure, inadvertently pushing herself harder against Theresa’s sucking lips.

Miles had his cock out now, stroking it idly while he continued hypnotizing her. She only barely noticed. Her eyes were shut more often than they were open now, and her whole world was focused to a narrow point where Theresa’s tongue was dancing on her nipple. “The more you let her suck, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the less you resist. The less you resist, the more you want her to suck.”

Melanie panted, hearing herself try to form words that merely came out as the suggestion of a sentence. “Suck…please…can’t, oh, think…” Somehow, that only made it hotter–hearing her gift for language reduced to a mindless babble of lust made the fantasy all the more real, all the more powerful,  Theresa’s tongue and Miles’ words had stripped her of all her eloquence, all her volition, leaving her a blank and obedient plaything and it felt so fucking good…

She felt Theresa slide two fingers into her pussy. They pushed into her with absolutely no resistance.

“Good girl,” Miles whispered, his voice thick with desire. “You want to be owned, don’t you? You want to be obedient, now, just a blank and happy little slave for Theresa and I?” Melanie nodded at every question, speech now a distant memory. Everything felt like it had been sucked right out of her mind, pulled out by Theresa’s lips until she was nothing more than a vacant fucktoy. It was everything they had promised her, and all she wanted now was more. She didn’t care if they ever brought her back from this place. She didn’t care about anything but pleasure now.

“That’s my good pet,” Miles husked out, “that’s my good…obedient girl…cum for me, pet, cum now, cum now…” Melanie felt his warm semen splatter across her chest and neck, but all that did was make the orgasm stronger. Her moan became a squeal as her pussy clenched hard around Theresa’s fingers and the world went red with bliss. It felt beyond perfect.

And then, with her mind emptied out by ecstasy, they started in on her again.

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