He’d never liked her.  Stuck up bitch that she was.  Always the right answer.  Always the test score that blew the curve for the rest of them.  And that damned smug look of hers when she got the paper back and saw she’s fucked the entire class over again.   

Then he’d heard of the Siren trick.  And he knew just how to get revenge, not only for him, but for an entire class whose GPA took a hit because of her.  

He made sure he sat behind her in class.  When the Siren went off, he leaned forward to whisper into her ear, “You’re such a slut.  Every ‘A’ you get makes you horny.   The hornier you get, the dumber you get.”    

He leaned back in his chair and looked around.  No one seemed to notice his little instruction.   That afternoon 3 assignments and a test from the week before were handed back.  He watched her close as she stared at the big letter “A” on each of the papers.  Watched her hand slowly slip down into her lap.    

Soon the bell rang and everyone left.  Everyone except her.   She just sat, staring at her papers while her hand did something down her skirt.  

She was confused.  She remembered being smart.  But it was a distant memory, like something from a previous life.  Yet, she was smart just a short time ago, she was sure.  Then the Professor had given her back her assignments.  Whatever had happened to her, it happened then.  She’d seen her ‘A’s and it was like a hammer inside her head, smashing all of her reason, all of her intelligence to bits.  All that was left was this void,this need.  She hadn’t noticed her hand slide into her pants till a finger gently stroked her Button.  God, it was so hard to think.  So hard to do anything except try to fill this need.  She finally glanced up and saw him standing in front of her.  She vaguely remembered him from before, remembered not liking him.  But now, his pants slowly unzipping, showing her everything she needed right then, how could she not love him?  How could she not do anything he asked her?  Just as long as she got what she needed?   No, what she deserved?  After all, she was such a slut, wasn’t she?