Meet the Thirteenth Doctor

Um…this may be making me a little bit happy. 🙂

I so want there to be a scene where she meets up with an old companion or someone who’s just flabbergasted

“but you’re a girl!?”

“seriously?  you had NO problem with it when i suddenly got taller, younger, and changed my accent but sprout a pair of tits and Eeeeverybody loses their shit.”

Of course if it was Jack nothing would change.  He’d just continue hitting on the doctor as if nothing happened.

And now… Thirteen meets every new series companion:

Rose: *exactly as @dreamingdarkly described it*

Jack: *hits on her*

Mickey: *confusion and bewilderment*

Martha: *utterly unfazed*

Donna: “Who did you say you were again?”

Amy: *light innuendo*

Rory: *overreaction to Amy’s light innuendo*

Clara: *hits on her*

Bill: “Oh, sure, you wait until I’m gone to suddenly turn hot? Typical.”