“So,” said Kara number… god, I’ve lost count at this point. 27? 28?

Anyway. “So,” said the latest Kara, “mind control powers, huh? The Injustice League could certainly use someone like that, really cement our control of this world. The Martian Mindtaker and Dominatrix’ magic lasso can only do so much.”

I laughed. “I’m not here to join your little team. I’m just stopping for a visit, figured it might be fun to see what fucking an evil Supergirl is like.”

It was Kara’s turn to laugh. “What makes you think that’s happening, little man? I could snap you in half before you could blink.”

“True,” I agreed. “But thing is, you’re not a hero, are you? You haven’t spent your entire career holding back, practicing self-control, trying not to hurt anyone. You’ve got no practice in denying what you want… and over the course of this conversation you’ve been realizing how much you want me.”

“Well…” she admitted. “Okay. One quick fuck. But then you join us or die, those are the options.”

“Sure, sure,” I agreed, rapidly setting up option three…

(To be continued)