Giu Hellsing Cosplay (Brazil) as Evil Supergirl.

Photos by: 

Lua Morales

(Continued from this post)

Evil Supergirl’s expression shifted slowly from challenge to a sly smile. “Maybe I could give you a reason to stick around?” she purred.

“Maybe you could,” I agreed, amping her desire and arousal higher and higher. “Why don’t you get on your knees for me?”

“Heh,” she said. “I’m the strongest, toughest, fastest girl on the planet. Why don’t you kneel for me?”

“You are all those things,” I replied. “So you’ve never tried being submissive. Never found out how pleasurable it can be.” I fed her curiosity, tied it to her arousal, twisting her emotions to serve my purpose.

Her smile widened as she sank slowly down. “You know what? It’s your lucky day. Just this once, I’ll give it a shot.”

Of course I’d make sure she enjoyed it far too much to ever refuse it again… I should have started with the Evil Supergirl, she was way easier than the good ones!