Have you seen anything like two authors writing a story/role playing a situation where one is trying to enthral a subject and the other is trying to stop them? Maybe using a DnD mechanic/dice rolls to determine success and failure. I’ve been craving a story in this genre where I don’t know what the end will be and think a setup like that is the most probable way to get it.




This would be an interesting idea, but it’s not a way I write and I haven’t seen it, sorry. Good luck with your search, though!

(And personally I wince when I see RPG mechanics narrowed to DnD).

Could be interesting using a set of fate/fudge dice, plus or minuses to show if there was an effect, blank side to show none at all, or to just blank a subject.


The FFG system that’s evolved through the hated-for-other-reasons WFRP 3rd and their current Star Wars games could be good, too, where the dice show successes, failures, and side effects.

I was working on rules for a FATE-based MC-themed tabletop game at one point.