“So let me just get this straight. You made this game yourself, right?”

“Yup. But it’s just the beta, so everything is still a bit rough around the edges. I just know you’re a nerdy girl, in a good way, so I figured you’d be perfect to test it on. I mean, for you to test it.”

“Uh-huh. And in the game I play as… A bimbo? Is that right?”

“Well… Yeah. Though you get to design her yourself, to mold her in your image.”

“I don’t know, Grant. It doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing I normally like. No dragons to slay, Alistairs to romance or Latias’ to capture. I’m not really sure it’s for me.”

“Please, Aubrey! Just give it a try, I promise you’ll like it.”

“Fine, I’ll try it. But if I don’t like it, you have to farm Blackrock with me AND do my paper on the massive vector boson field.”

“What? Why? You could do that paper better yourself!”

“Yeah, but the next wing in Hearthstone opens next week and I want to be ready. Now, do you want me to play your stupid game or what?”

*Sigh* “Yeah. I’ll just boot it up. Grab the controller.”


“Okay, now choose the character you want to play as. I suggest the redhead, she looks most like you.”

“She actually looks a lot like me. Same glasses, same hairstyle, same height and everything. The boobs are off though.”

“Well, not everyone is as gifted as you, right?”

“Right! Now what do I do?”

“Now you costumize your character. So you can change her looks and her personality. Let’s start by incresing her bust, so it matches yours. Just go into the looks menu, then move the marker to the right to increase bust.”

There. Now she looks more like me. Now what?”

“How about we change her personality then?”

“Sure, why not. Even if it seems kinda creepy… But I guess that comes with it being a bimbo game. Why did you even make such a game?”

“Don’t worry about that, just try to have fun. Once you get into the actual game, it’s actually very fun. Though I like this creation bit even more, if I’m honest.”

“Sure, whatever. So now I’m in the personality menu, what should I do now? Change her libido, put her through stupification, make her more obedient or…?”

“Well, what do you think would be right for a big tittied bimbo that looks like that?“

“Hmmm. I guess a proper bimbo should be stupid, so I’ll just increase that.”

“Good choice. Just move the slider to the right again.”



“What’s the matter?”

“It’s my head. It, like, hurts and stuff.”

“Huh. That sounds weird. Maybe you’re thinking too much about this? Maybe you should just try to do what comes natural to you. Look at the bimbo on the screen and imagine how her personality should be.”

“Uhmm, okay. I guess that, like, a bimbo should like sex, like lots! How do I change that?”

“You just move the thing under libido to the right.”


“Yeah, it’s like… how much she wants sex.”

“Oh, okay! She wants it a lot, I think!”

“Wait, wait wait! Not all the way. She won’t be able to do anything but fuck and suck then. We don’t want that. She has to be able to think a little still, right?”

“Uhm, I guess. But I’m having, like, a hard time thinking and stuff because my pussy is, like, all wet all of a sudden.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’ll take care of that soon enough, doll. Now a good, dumb, horny bimbo should obey her Master, don’t you think?”

“I guess so. If it means she gets to suck his cock!”

“It certainly does. So just move the marker under obedience to the right as well.”

“Uuuummm that’s good. It makes, like, my pussy tingle when I do that!”

“That’s because you’re doing as you’re told. That always feels good for a bimbo.”

“Ohhh, that makes, like, lots of sense! But, like, wait! I’m not some bimbo, that’s just the girl in the game, right?”

“No, you’re actually changing yourself, Audrey. You’ve turned yourself into a dumb, horny, bimbo slave.“

“What? I don’t wanna be a bimbo slave!”

“Don’t you? Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be my bimbo slut, who doesn’t have to think of anything like getting the best loot, min/max’ing your stats, writing boring papers on nuclear fusion. You just have to think about how to look your sexiest and doing what you’re told. Then you get all the cock you could ever need. You get to suck it and fuck it and take it deep within your ass. Doesn’t that sound much nicer?”

“Actually, it, like, totally does! I would love some cock right now. I’m just so fucking horny and my pussy feels so empty…”

“Well, we’re not quite finished with the game yet, slut, so you’ll have to wait a little. Now I’ll let you decide how you think you’re going to be the perfect bimbo whore for me, so I won’t interfere while you’re changing yourself.”

“Like, thanks, Master!
Uhm… Okay, let’s see… Sexual knowledge needs to be higher! I’ve, like, only fucked three guys and that was totally boring. So I’ll move that right… UH! Now I know lots more! I know the perfect way to ride a cock so it feels the bestest. And I know how to not gag when I deepthroat a cock! Or how to gag, if you prefer that, Master?”

“Oh, we’ll figure it out, I’m sure. Keep going.”

“Hmm… Oh! Of course I should be bi-sexual. Like, if you wanted to fuck me and some other girl at the same time, I’d like to get turned on by her too.
Wait, how could I not be bi-sexual? Girls are, like, so sexy! With their boobs and asses and sweet pussies. Of course, it’s nothing like Master’s cock… I know that’s the sexiest thing ever.”

“Good girl. You know just what to say. I think you deserve a treat for that. Open my pants.”

“Oh yay!”

“Get on your knees, slut.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Now open wide.”

“*Yffg, Mhgsr.”

“Good. You’re doing great… God, your mouth feels good. I’ve wanted this for so long…”

“What? Why haven’t you just used my mouth before, Master? I’m your slut slave, right? So my mouth is for you to use, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is, slave. I don’t know what I’ve been thinking. Now shut up and suck my cock.”


“Oh yeah… Your mouth is so good… And you’re taking it so deep, you little whore. Speed it up. I want it pistoning in and out of your fucking mouth. Oh God… I’m gonna cum!”


“Don’t swallow! Show it to me first. Show me my cum in your mouth, slut.”

“Id’z zo jummi, Mashter!”

“Fuck, you’re so hot… Now swallow it.”

“Thank you, Master! It was so yummy!”

“You’re gonna get plenty more later, slave. Now, let’s finish your physical changes.”

“Yay! I get to become a better bimbo for Master!”

“You’re pretty close already, actually. That’s why I chose you. This is the part of the program I’m most unsure of. Anyway, your tits are perfect as they are. As is your hair and your glasses. You look dead sexy already. But I think your butt could be a little rounder. Stand up for me.”

“Sure thing, Master. And I bet I’d look really hot with a big, round ass.”

“I think you would too. So move those sliders around until it’s perfect.”

“Let me know when, Master.
Teehee, it tingles!”

“There, that’s it! God, that’s an ass I want to fuck… Now make your lips fuller. I want you to have the perfect dick sucking lips, to match your technique.”

“uhm… That’s, like, a hard word, Master…”

“Just make your lips nice and full.”

“Oh, okay!“

“That’s good. We’re almost there, I think. Now increase the sensitvity in your lips, tits, pussy and ass. I want it so you’re just about to cum when I touch you there.”

“Silly Master. I’m just about to cum every time you touch me, but, like, okay!”

“Good girl. Now for the final touch. Go into the personality menu again and turn on orgasm control.”

“Uhm, okay.
What does that do?”

“Now you can’t cum unless I tell you to. But it’s much this way, don’t you agree? Then you won’t accidently cum without my permission and you do want to obey me, right?”

“More than anything in the whooole world, Master!”

“That’s good. You’re a good bimbo, slut.”

“Teehee, thank you, Master.”

“God, the way your tits jiggle when you giggle… Get that shirt off, I’m going to fuck those tits!”

“Yay! This is gonna be fun, Master!”

“It sure is. Worth all the hours I put into that progam!“

Based on a 3 word prompt by Anon. The 3 words were: Redhead, nerd girl, stupification.



Very good!

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