It was okay, Amber was safe now. Sam had rescued her from all those sinister, predatory hypnotists that were out there, lying in wait for a pretty young woman like her with such a weak will. Suggestible women just like her. Women with sleepy, drowsy minds who just let all their thoughts slip away while they licked and sucked, blank and obedient women just exactly like Amber. Amber knew she was easy to hypnotize. Amber knew she could never resist a shiny crystal, a spinning spiral, a stiff and swaying cock. Sam had explained it all to her. She was so lucky he found her.

Amber didn’t know what she would have done without Sam. She probably would have fallen victim to the first predatory hypnotist around, zoned out on a park bench somewhere staring into his eyes and followed him home to become his sex slave. But thankfully, Sam had found her instead. Sam was the one who explained it all to her that day, telling her in slow, even tones just how dangerous it was to be out alone with so many hypnotists out there ready to draw her thoughts down deeper into relaxed, mindless submission. Into irresistible surrender to a stronger will. She couldn’t recall the details, exactly–after all, that had been days ago. She just remembered the beautiful hazel color in his eyes as he explained it all to her. Then he took her back to his house, so she wouldn’t get caught out in the open.

And his bed was more comfortable than a park bench anyway. So much more relaxing…

Amber lost track of her thoughts for a moment–thinking about relaxing did that to her–but then she remembered the important thing. Gratitude. She was so grateful to Sam for finding her and rescuing her that of course, she had to show him somehow. It only made sense, after all. A wonderful man like Sam needed a loving, sensual tongue on his cock and balls, and she was more than happy to give it to him. It was really a small favor, given that he rescued her from being some sinister hypnotist’s cocksucking sex slave. The least she could do was put her lips around his long, hard cock and lose her thoughts as he fucked her face. Whenever he wanted. Of course that was only fair.

It wasn’t as though it was inconvenient or anything; Amber usually finished all her chores while Sam was at work, and it wasn’t as though she could leave the house without him–she’d only run into some evil mind-controller who would twist all her thoughts around until the only thing she wanted to do was serve his every depraved whim. No, better to keep close to Sam and follow his good advice. It was the only way to keep her mind free from the wrong kind of influences. She understood perfectly. She understood everything Sam told her and it was always true.

Amber licked away at Sam’s balls, nuzzling him with her eyes closed and her mind completely blank. She was so lucky Sam had found her. The alternatives, well…she didn’t even want to think about them. Or about anything else.

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