I went out to my cabin to work on the elixir, free from all the distractions of the city. Peace and quiet and shitty internet connection. But that’s okay, I don’t need to be distracted by tv or news or porn when I’m so close to something so much better.

It’s been 3 months, no maybe 4? I’m starting to lose track already. I think it’s September or October but it’s definitely Fall. There’s a chill in the air, at least enough so that I’ve started building fires and given the season I thought it would be fun to try administering the elixir to my first subject Snow White-style. I don’t want to poison anyone, obviously but I thought an apple would be a good vehicle.

Just as I’m about to inject my first apple there’s a knock on the cabin door.  I didn’t even know I had any neighbors in this place.  I hurriedly sweep my supplies into a drawer and toss some of the earlier test strips into the fire before opening the door.

Standing there before me like an 18-year-old gift from the gods is a perfect little test subject. She was covered up in a thick flannel and jeans, but even so, I could
tell she had nice little body. Small, sexy, and full tits that I
desperately needed to get a better look at, I just hope she likes apples.

“Hi, I’m Marissa, so sorry to bother you, but I’m renting a place down the way with friends and we just realized no one brought wood for…a fire.” She brushed her long hair out of her face and looked me in the eyes, and stopped talking. Was it my imagination or was she inching closer to me? She was breathing deeply. “Mmm, it smells so good in here.” She inhaled, her eyes closed in bliss as her chest heaved letting me more clearly see the shape of those perfect tits through her shirt.

“I guess it’s just the fire. Cedar.” I told her.  Oh shit. The fire. Is it possible that she’s already been affected by the elixir, just from the trace amounts of ingredients that I tossed into the fireplace? I guess there’s one way to find out.

“You said something about wood?” I reminded her.  “Ohhhh yeahh…,” she scrunched up her face, biting her lip. “I need some.” Being new at this, I was hesitant to jump right into it. As much as I wanted to command her to strip down naked and bend over my kitchen table it might not be best to get ahead of myself.  I looked at her and said, “It’s outside. Go get it.” I’m normally more of a gentleman, but with no hesitation, she turned around and walked out the door, giving me a better look at her tight little ass as she moved. She walked directly to my wood pile around the side of the cabin. She bent over and picked up a log. “Stop,” I commanded. She stopped. Oh my god, it’s working. She did as I said, still bent over, frozen. I took a long look. I was getting hard. Maybe it was the power or maybe it was imagining all the things I was going to do to her. Probably a combination of the two.  

“Stand up.” She did. She was like my own slutty little marionette doll. “Take off your shirt now.” She started to unbutton slowly, showing me those flawless tits. Her shirt was all the way open, and she stood there, motionless, waiting for the next command.  

She was trembling. Shivering?  “Are you cold?” I asked her. “No, sir,” she said firmly.

“What is it then?”

“I just want you so bad. I can’t take it”

Oh and I wanted to give what she needed.

“Well, you’ll learn to wait,” I told her. I was rock hard under my jeans and she definitely knew it. I could feel her gaze. I waited, watching her shake, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Go inside the house and as you do strip off your clothes.”

She went.

I followed…

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