Emilia steadied herself against the wall to stop herself sinking to her knees. The shock of the trigger after all this time left her dizzy and reeling.

He said it again, sending another wave of confusion and fog through her. It had been a life time ago and yet when he said those words she was transported back to being that innocent girl again, eager to experience the world and mesmerized by his charisma and charm.

But things were different now. She couldn’t give into her desires. She had responsibilities and a public face she had to maintain. Even if she felt a pang of guilt that it had been to long since she had served. The need to submit and to sink reignited even as she fought the compulsion to obey.

It had been so unexpected. Catching up with an old flame, showing him how far she had come, letting him see what a fool he had been to let her leave all those years ago. She hadn’t accounted for how he made her feel though. Time and distance convincing her it was her youthful naivety that left her so susceptible, but her heart had still raced when she had seen him, her tongue at once heavy and unwieldy.

He spoke again, triggering her for the third time, and she felt her resistance collapse as she gave into the longing and slid into position 1. She felt a rush of nostalgic contentment flow through her body, her true place in the world rediscovered.

He was speaking to her subconscious now, which listened with rapt attention as her conscious mind drifted. She wondered with absent curiosity what he might do with her but couldn’t seem to form an emotion or opinion, and so let her mind drift on until he needed her to think again…

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