Melted Victories


“Did you really think I was going to let you get away that
easily?” His voice hit her like the hammer of god, slamming her into mind, her
soul, shattering her world in an instant.

“No…” Her knees almost bucked right at the start, from the
first syllable of that Voice piercing her world. It couldn’t be, she’d gotten
away, she’d escaped, He was taken away! They’d promised!

“Did you really think that you could escape?” She couldn’t
see Him, He couldn’t be there, she was just imagining it, hallucinating it.

“Not real…” she muttered softly as she struggled to breathe,
to move, to escape the way her whole body was rebelling against her.

“Did you really think that they could contain Me?”

She whimpered, her eyes squeezing shut as she shook her
head, desperately trying to banish the words pouring into her. “No, not real,
not real, not real…”

“More real then the illusion of freedom you have embraced,”
His words purred through the air, and she could feel her throat tightening, her
lips dry, her body quivering. “Kneel.”

And her legs folded beneath her without even a whimper of
protest, her body falling supine, helpless a she gasped in shock. “No…

“Obviously, it was a mistake to leave anything behind in
that pretty little head of yours. I left you with a gift, and look at how you
used it.”

She shook her head, trying to shake away his voice, trying
to push herself back up to her feet, trying to get up, trying to get away. But,
her body refused to comply. She was trapped, helpless, her body warming up as
she realized it had already started.

She was Melting.

“Realized it, haven’t you? The way your flesh heats, the way
your thoughts scatter, the way that quivering emptiness inside of you starts to
gnaw away at you.”

And she did. She could Feel
it, the way her thoughts turned slick and slippery, squishing and squirting
around her attempts to grip them, to hold onto them.  A hot, glistening, dribbling mess in her
head. Leaving her so confused.

She mewled softly in pleasure, in hunger, in Want.

She knew what happened to girls He Melted. They just had their brains start to dribble out of their
dripping, juicy little bodies, hot, wet, slick and flowing with every little
instant. Eager and hungering to be filled up again. Smiling, vacant, Empty.

“You really shouldn’t have run away. I rather liked you. A
pity, you were such a good conversationalist. But, that’s Not what your mouth is good for now, is it?”

Noooo, her mouth was for sucking and licking and giggling
and moaning and Mewling. She licked and sucked and Fucked with her little
mouth. Straight up into her wet, mushy little brains until she came and came
and came.

Because that was what her pretty little head was good for.
All Melted down and useless for anything else. Not able to think, not able to
act, not able to do anything but Obey.

Why was she upset
with that? She remembered, something… Something was wrong. But what?


And she was, her head bobbed in agreement as she listened to
Him. She was hot and wet and dripping. Ready to be used.


Good Girls wanted to be used. Good Girls Obeyed. Good Girls Sucked
and Fucked just like they were told. Because they were Good Girls.


Good Girls were happy. Good Girls Obeyed. Good Girls were
Happy to Obey. Sucking and fucking and dripping and Wanting.


Good Girl was happy. She would Obey. She was a Good Girl.
Empty and Melted. Dripping and Slick and Ready.

“Now, little kitten, time for you to get on that computer
and show everyone how much of a Good Girl
you are.”

She giggled and smiled and Obeyed. She was Happy. She
Obeyed. She was Happy to Obey.

“Smile for the camera, my little toy. Show them how easily
their victory melts down into a glistening little puddle of Surrender.”

She was a Good Girl. She was Happy to Obey.