So I was rereading Lemma Riddled with Errors and I was wondering, could Lemma have answer the last riddle correctly? if she had successfully come to the correct answer, wouldn’t have to enact all the things in the riddle? hope this makes sense

Oh “Riddled With Errors.” My bane, my nemesis, my albatross.

The short answer: Yes. Fae don’t play fair.

The long answer: “Riddled With Errors” is a good idea poorly executed and desperately in need of a rewrite, which is why I haven’t published the next Lemma ebook and in turn why I haven’t released any of the growing backlog of Lemma stories outside of my Patreon. I don’t want to release the next story to Tumblr or MCStories until I have the book done, you see, and putting out the book requires finding the time to rewrite “Riddled With Errors.”

Until then, it continues to hang over me. At this point it’s a race to see which happens first: I finish Lemma or I rewrite Riddled With Errors.