Pick a Fruit from the Hypno-Orchard (Ask Meme)





Pick a fruit, Ask a question! 

Apple – What’s the first memory you have of being aroused at the thought of hypnosis and/or mind control? 

Apricot – Which do you find more appealing/arousing, mind control or hypnosis (or both or neither)? 

Banana – Have you ever been able to do anything while in a trance that you were not able to do otherwise? What was it? 

Cherry – What was your first trance experience like? 

Orange – Do you have any other kinks? What are they or, if there are too many to list out, what are five prominent ones? 

Fig – Do you find subtle mind control which grows slowly in someone’s mind to be more appealing, or do you find a powerful and sudden change more to your liking? 

Grape – Have you ever had a long-term hypnokinky relationship? How did that go, if so? 

Guava – What’s the most unusual thing you have been made to do (or made someone else do) under hypnosis or any other form of mind control? 

Kiwi – Do you remember the trance that took you the deepest of all? If you can, what was it like? 

Lemon – What kind of hypnotists/hypnotees do you find yourself most drawn to? 

Mango – Of all the triggers you have seen, read about or imagined, what is your favorite?

Peach – If you could be hypnotized such that you believed yourself to be a particular fictional character, who would you most want to be? 

Pear – What sensory modality (visual, auditory, olfactory, kinesthetic, etc) works best for you when someone is trying to put you into trance? 

Plum – Have you ever been to a convention or other kink event that was based on erotic hypnosis or erotic mind control? If so, then how many? 

Quince – Have you ever had an abreaction (bad reaction) to hypnosis? If so, what caused it? 

This looks like a lot of fun. :O 

Do. The. Thing.

Ooooooohhhhh. Ask please ^^