Reblog if you genuinely support asexuals




It terrifies me that there’s so much raging passion in the lgbt+ community that insist on marginalizing asexuals and implying that asexuals don’t deserve to have safe spaces. There’s still so much acephobia so I just wanna know which blogs are genuinely supportive and a safe space for asexuals

Of course!

FFS, people, just try being bloody nice to each other! The world has enough problems already without us having a go at each other.

I mean I’ve been considered asexual by  many of my partners, and some demi sexual. But I genuinely support anyone for their life choices, preference, or whatever they’re comfortable with. Be it either choice or not, or just whats natural. Whatever they choose to be comfortable as, and live is most important. 

The word choose has so much demonizing in it when it comes to this, but I’m bad with words.