Dear Mr. Master, 

I use to be smart and stuff before I met you. I use to care about other things like books and computers. You changed me. You made me into what you wanted. I want to hate you for what you did…but I cccan’t. Every part of my body calls out to you. My fondness for you makes me listen to every word that leaves your mouth. 

I’m helpless and I’ve like, come to terms with that. So keep fucking with my mind, keep making me your horny bimbo, it’s no longer just you who wants it. I do to. I belong to you master and I’m yours to fuck with. 

Love Kimmi 

Whoa this girl is so cute

cock goes in mind goes out my wet cunt makesm e a slave slavery makes my cunt wet my pussy controls my mind yo ucontrol m ypuussy

this girl is so lucky um and i want to be um a horny bimbo too um