The color was flowing into Bethany’s mind. She tried to fight it, but every swirl of Kelli’s finger on her clit pulsed with a warm, wet redness in her brain and every surge of carnal pleasure swamped more and more of her thoughts until she knew she was slipping into crimson bliss. Just like Kelli already had. Bethany told herself not to want that, but her voice was only a whisper inside her head now.

She didn’t realize the red was anything other than a bad dye job at first. When Kelli showed up on the beach with hair that looked like it held seventy-two percent of the world’s henna supply, Bethany hadn’t thought much about it beyond simply trying to find a polite way to suggest her friend should find a different hairdresser. But when Kelli shrugged off her swimsuit and said, “I thought we could get an all-over tan together. You know. Since it’s just us girls…” Something in Bethany’s brain had shifted.

She couldn’t say what. Maybe it was the way that Kelli’s pert nipples stood up stiff as bullets on her gorgeous tits, swaying with every step in a rhythm that caught Bethany’s gaze and held her captivated. Maybe it was the way that her smooth, perfectly-shaved pubic mound made Bethany’s fingers twitch with a confused, inchoate desire to brush at the silky-soft skin. Maybe it was just the look of confident arousal in Kelli’s eyes, the understanding that she was sinfully, wickedly attractive and she knew it. Maybe it was just that Bethany had a thing for redheads that she didn’t know about. Whatever it was, she couldn’t look away.

She couldn’t get away, either. When Kelli sat down on the towel next to her and undid her bikini, all Bethany could think was that she was glad not to have to make the decision. She didn’t have to sit next to Kelli, feeling her pussy growing wetter every time she glanced at Kelli’s nude body and that fire-red hair and aching to touch it. She didn’t have to experience that endless longing for her friend’s body. She could just relax into dreamy passivity and let Kelli do everything.

“That’s my good girl,” Kelli whispered, her crimson locks brushing against Bethany’s sensitive tits. “You can already feel it happening, can’t you? The change is coming over you, stealing away the silly girl you used to be and making you into a good slut, just like me. You’re sinking into the red, pretty girl. And the red…” Kelli’s finger sank into Bethany’s cunt as easily as if it were warm butter, making the world flash scarlet behind Bethany’s eyes… “The red is sinking into you.”

Bethany almost gave in right then and there, but when her head lolled back in blissful abandon, she caught a glimpse of her brunette locks as the flaming color slowly crept up each strand towards her scalp. “What’s…I don’t understand, what’s happening…?” she whimpered, amazed at how lost in arousal her voice sounded. She struggled to keep her eyes open under the onslaught of pleasure, desperately swinging her head from side to side in an effort to watch her hair without a mirror.

“It’s the red,” Kelli said, as though it were obvious. “It’s remaking you. Just like it remade me. Just like we’ll remake all the others.” Bethany tried to say no, but her head felt dizzy from the constant shaking, and all she could do was cling to her friend for support. The color had reached her skin, and she could feel it sinking in through the roots to reprogram her very thoughts into hot, red pleasure. She tried to fight, but…but it felt so good, like hot blood pounding through her arteries, like slick pink flesh only more intense. It felt like, like…

“That’s it,” Kelli whispered, as she felt Bethany’s first orgasm shudder through her body. “Just give in to the red now.” Helplessly, blissfully, Bethany obeyed.

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