“We hope you accept the offer Ms. Lloyd” the voice on the other end of the line told Jackie. It seemed a simple job, just a view radio spots that needed Jackie’s narration. They had offered her ten times her normal voiceover fee to do it, a tight deadline apparently.

“Of course” Jackie replied “and do you want me to record here or in your studio?”

“Our facility, we will come and get you on Friday, at noon” this was good, Jackie hadn’t had a job this big for months! It would be so great to tell her husband about it when he got home from tour on Saturday!

“And you’ll send me a quick guide to how you want it to sound?”

“Oh yes, it will be coming your way presently, we will look forward to having you at the end of the week” the caller hung up.

Jackie briefly considered the oddness of the caller’s phrasing but only briefly as her new mail notification sent her eagerly to her inbox to see what the client had in mind.

There was an email with a simple link reading “click me”. Jackie did so. The screen was filled with strobing and spiraling lights and low pulsing music, Jackie listened waiting for the guide audio to start.

Jackie blinked, dazed, she looked at the clock. Five hours had passed! She looked down at herself, where were her clothes? Oh, there at her feet where she now remembered putting them, she couldn’t remember much else, just a strong desire to be naked that she had felt at some point in the last few hours. It had been as strong as the desire she now had to masturbate. So she did that, for another hour.


Jackie blinked again, it was late in the afternoon and she had been sitting, in her underwear of all things, at her computer since after breakfast. She still had no idea what the client was thinking since she couldn’t remember anything about the sample. Oh, bother now the mail had arrived! Jackie knew she had to get the mail rather than sit and finger herself like she so desperately wanted.

Looking outside, Jackie made sure nobody was around and snuck out of the house to the mail box. Being outside in her bra and panties seemed odd to Jackie, she felt overdressed, she’d have to fix that when she got inside.

There was a single package in the box, no sender information.

Jackie closed her door, removed her underwear and took the package to her living room. She was sitting naked on her couch in front of the large window that faced the street, she didn’t care. Inside the box was a sheet of paper and a tube of ointment. The paper read “Use Me”. Jackie liked the sound of that. “Use Me” she said and then tried it a in all of the accents she knew “Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me Use Me”. Jackie stopped, her breathing shallow, opened the tube and squeezed a good amount of the ointment onto her fingertips. Silently she rubbed the cream all over her hairy cunt. It felt cold and made the area feel so very nice. “Use Meeee” Jackie repeated to herself as she lay back and rubbed the lotion all over her pussy lips.


Another day gone, still no idea what to do for the job, Jackie contented herself by stroking her newly bald cunt lips (a small patch of pubic curls remained, Jackie now thought of it as her sign of fuckability) until she watched the mailman leave. She wondered if he could see her diddling herself through the window, she hope he could.

Not bothering, not caring really, if anyone could see, Jackie strolled, naked as a jay bird, to the mailbox, to retrieve the package she knew would be there.

This time the package contained a long, thick and ribbed vibrator, the attendant paperwork read “Fuck Me”. So Jackie did so until it got dark.


Before clicking the link this morning, Jackie noticed her blog tab was open, she’d not updated that for months! A draft entry was waiting for her, she must have written it half asleep. Reading the first paragraph:

Hi it’s Jackie again,

I really need to be fucked. Like right now and by lots and lots of cocks. I don’t know why I’m soooo horny but I need it sooo bad. Will someone help?

Jackie frowned, how could anyone help her out if she didn’t give her address? Correcting this error she posted the entry and shared it to her Facebook page set to public.

Then she clicked on her new favourite link.

This time however the viewing was disturbed by the sound of the doorbell. Jackie left her computer to welcome the first of 25 cocks she would have that day.



No need to listen because today was the day. Jackie spent the day erasing her online presence. It was tempting to masturbate but she knew she had to do this first, her cunt wasn’t happy about that but Jackie promised it that she would make it up to it. At 11:00 Jackie wrote a note to her husband, explaining that it had been great but that she need to move on. At 11:15 Jackie finally allowed herself time to play with herself; it was the best fingering and vibrator session yet. Jackie came again and again saying “Use Me, Fuck Me” in all of her many voices.


At 12:00 they came for her, Jackie had left the door open for them.

Open and naked aside from her heels, Jackie welcomed her clients, taking their leaders cock while the other two, larger men both, gathered up her things.

When he was done, their leader had Jackie sign the contract and placed the case of cash on the kitchen counter. Then he selected the collar and placed it around Jackie’s throat.


Jackie was lead to the windowless van and onto her new life.  In the transport, still on all fours, Jackie gladly accepted the hard prick of one of the larger men, and listened while his boss told her how beneficial a beautiful woman with a lovely voice and a gift for accents would be for his company. A woman like that could be from anywhere. Jackie couldn’t be more excited, she knew now exactly what her clients wanted, and it was what she wanted too. She opened her mouth to say so, but it was quickly filled by the third man’s dick, Jackie shivered at the perfection of it all.


Wish I could have done this story with all the same model but I hope people like what they see and read.

Very nice work!

It’s a real shame that @yourreprogramingtoplease has disappeared. 🙁