Word : tentacles 🐙



When I walked into this tentacle den, I was warned. I knew I’d be in for trouble. I figured I’d be bound, held down, tentacles constricting around me and doing God knows what. That would be alright. I had a plan, and as long as they touched me, I’d be able to shock them and fight back, defeat them. I’d be able to rescue the village men and women that had been taken by them, get them far away. I went in expecting to be physically captured as part of a ploy, but I hadn’t expected this.

As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn’t move, even though I was not bound. I couldn’t even tear my eyes away. There was a tentacle with patterns, undulating, moving, tentacles behind it moving in a smooth and twisted pattern that captured my attention, and never let go. It had been fifteen or so minutes when I first saw it, and had naturally fallen to my knees. It thought it could ensnare my mind, but I was still here, I was still awake. My body was just frozen. Just my body.

Suddenly, two tentacles drew closer to my head, and I braced myself for my trick. They would try to wrap around my head for sure, or force my eyes to stay open, or inject me with something, but as long as they touched me I’d be able to catch them in my trap. Instead, they stopped and hovered so close to my ears, just a little further… Then, a loud, booming sound.

It wasn’t loud enough for me to be able to consciously hear it, but it was loud, so loud inside my head, so loud I could barely hear my self thin k hear myself think hear myself think think THINK I could do this I could get out but my eyes were so dizzy and my ears were bombarded with sounds, almost human sounding voices that were whispering things I couldn’t hear or understand, and my thh thh thoughtsss were so shaky and I couldn’t could couldn’t keep them still and why hadn’t they just touch ed me like I planned them to to to fight can’t fight back

And then it smelled sweet, so sweet, another tentacle so close but not touching, my nose, my mouth my lips lips lips my nose smelling sweet it smelled sweet so good so good, oh god so good, oh god my eyes felt good my ears felt good my mind felt good and I just wanted them to touch, why wouldn’t they touch me, just touch just touch touch touch me please… .. .. …. …