“Man, I’m tellin ya. Ever since VR headsets were invented, home invasions are almost too easy.

All I have to do is pull up my favorite spiral video, and all of a sudden whaddya know they just get soooo complacent while you rob them blind. Especially the rich women. They’re just so dumb, vapid and susceptible, they fall right away.

And as an added plus, once you’ve cleared the place out, their brains have all but turned to mush, and they’re more than ready for someone to tell them what to do…what to take off…what holes to spread open……..

….I love my job.”

…and this is why I am quite happy with the trend of VR things being made. This, right here.

Jusssssst gonna make a note of this in my stolen ideas uh “inspiration” folder…

I totally love headsets… when i’ll have one i’ll be nowhere to be found… i’m sure… sighs