You think you’re clever by trying to find a way out of this, aren’t you? Look at you. It’s clear as day. I see you pretending to struggle in your bonds, not really at your full strength, I see you trying to look frustrated and helpless in an attempt to lower my guard. You think that if I lower my guard around you, I’ll slip up and you’ll be able to escape that way, is that it?

Not bad, I have to admit. Something new, at least. The last few times, you were less discreet about your resistance, trying to claw and fight back. At least you’re trying to hide it this time.

This time? Oh yes, we’ve done this many times. I suppose you wouldn’t remember, I haven’t allowed you to. Ever since that first time I took control of your mind, took hold of you, I’ve allowed you to try and fight back and do what you couldn’t do before, rewinding it after you submit to me again. And again, and again. Over and over again, you submit.

You see, the only time you can be clever is when I allow you to be.