Samantha no longer had a concept of time.  She worked from home and was surprised when her boyfriend sent her an email shortly after leaving for his job.  When she opened it, a strange spiral began playing on her screen.  She knew her boyfriend had a hypnosis fetish but never really understood it.  What could he find so erotic about a simple spiral she had asked herself.  As she watched, she found herself noticing that it was somewhat relaxing if not erotic.  Her thoughts soon began to drift as she relaxed deeper and deeper.  Seven hours later, she was still staring at the screen, her mind completely blank.  She didn’t notice when her boyfriend returned home and quietly walked into her office.  

“Can you hear me Samantha?” He whispered as he bent down near her ear.

“Yes” She whispered, barely audibly.  

“Good girl.  You are mindless.  Being mindless makes you obedient.”

“Mindless and obedient” She said blankly.

“Your boyfriend is your Master and you will obey him without question”


“Good girl.  Being hypnotized is extremely erotic to you.  You will beg your Master to hypnotize you everyday.”

“Mmmmm” she answered, hinting at her arousal. 

“Your job is to pleasure your boyfriend.  You want to please him sexually. Any way he wants.”

“Yes Master.”

“When you are home, you will be a horny bimbo.  You will dress and act like a giggly slut.”

“Yes Master. I will obey”

After her training was completed.  Sami awoke to her new life. She loved her new Master and immediately showed him by sliding down to her knees and taking his hard member from his pants.  She loved worshiping Master she thought as she giggled around his cock.  

Sami loved being Master’s dumb bimbo.